To awaken enquiring and creative attitudes in youth to discover and
expand their horizons to enjoy music, and explore “contemporary”
music, “what’s on the radio” and how it is put together.  
To develop the sensitivity to understand the wonders and importance
of music arts using technology to create: melodies, hooks, bass lines
and drumbeats, through composition and song writing.  
To develop student knowledge and appreciation of music arts and
its role in society;
to provide leadership in advancing the educational agendas of
music and music technology; and
to foster excellence in music experiences for the composer, the
listener and the performer.

The MTLC faculty envisions a future wherein every person
("democratization" - Robert Moog) has access to the musical arts
regardless of musical aptitude, physical ability, or socioeconomic

To realize this vision, the MTLC fosters excellent access to music
education and performance experiences, promotes community
outreach and service, maintains systematic research, and
provides professional leadership in and through the development
and application of emerging arts and music technologies.
  Music Technology Learning Center:
preparing learners, advancing     knowledge, improving education
MT Music Technology Learning Center