An Investment In Youth
An Investment in the Community!
Dear Community Member:  

Over the past 8 years, the
Music Technology Learning
Center (MTLC) has become
known as a “unique” entity
with national affiliations, that
provides an opportunity for
youth to use the technology
that everybody talks about.  
Technology is used as a tool
for youth to expand their
creative mind in the
examination of culture,
music, history, business,
entertainment, and
leadership development.  
Visitors, next MTLC Class!!!

In 2005, MTLC rooted itself in the San Diego valley and started a
community celebration by partnering with similar 501 c (3)
organizations.  Building on volunteer support and youth activities, MTLC
endeavors to expand this relationship and further partner with the Poway
Unified School District and San Diego to intensify the area’s Youth
Technology offerings.

Through Tech Prep models, practicing with the tools and the problem,
MTLC brings together approximately 150 adolescent youth and youth
service workers from diverse backgrounds from around the area.  The
purpose is to assist youth in long-range goal planning in the areas of
education, economic security through education, making healthy life
choices, and to recognize youth for their personal and community goal
achievements for 2010-2011 and beyond.

MTLC’s Youth and Family Partnerships strive to serve as a catalyst
throughout the area to foster relationships between educational
s business, governmental agencies, youth service agencies,
churches and other community-based organizations.

With limited resources, we are depending on contributions from the
community to make this happen.

MTLC, a 501 (c) 3 organization, depends on generous donations and
participation from committed community supporters like you.  With that
in mind, we are asking for donations in the form of cash to assist with
operating expenses and, or defraying student fees.  Cash donations can
be made to:

Music Technology Learning Center (MTLC)
call 951-445-1130 to discuss.
Temecula, CA 92596

or  via PayPal                            electronically.

Other donations can be made in the form of either technical equipment,
software,  property or volunteering time, especially if there are special
skills that can be used to enlighten the student's musical experience.

All donations will be used in our educational interactive workshops.  

It is important that we keep our youth involved so they will be positive
contributors to the community and their future.

Can we count on you?

Supporting youth is an investment in your community. This investment
has the power to bring about real, significant and relevant changes in the
youth and community. I have been working with youth for many years
and contributing has been extremely rewarding and exciting.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.  We look forward to
your support.

If you have any questions, contact me directly!

K L Ware
Kenneth L Ware, PhD.
Executive Director &
Music Technology Educator
The Music Technology & Learning Center:
preparing learners, advancing     knowledge, improving education