Darrell participated in the
MTLC Summer Training.  
He wanted to expand his
composition skills with
computer-based tools.  
MTLC we work
with students where they are
and where they want to go
by introducing them to a
variety of approaches to
composition.  During that
summer, Darrell determined
that the software
may be the best  tool  to
compliment his creative style.
Darrell has more than ten years experience as a songwriter, musician, programmer
and producer.  He owns
Vanntastic Productions, works with Watsounds Production,
and together they have created over 300 songs.  Darrell has a young and exciting style.
Recently, Darrell completed a full 13 tune album project at StudioWest (San Diego)
for one of the artists he writes, collaborates and produces for.   Here he is with
engineer Ari "the Man."  Darrell created music and recorded 90% of all vocals and
mixed in his home PC-based studio, then went to StudioWest for the mastering mix.