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Student Comments
Music Technology Learning Center
What People Are Saying!
I have always liked music and I really enjoy creating music
with the computer software and the keyboard”

“I have a completely different perspective about school now!  I
did not realize how simple it would be to understand the theory
behind writing a song.”

“I like working with computers and I like working with music, I
think I want to be a professional in the music or game industry

“Not only do I learn about the theory of writing songs, but I
get to place my beats down in a funky groove.”
benefits the program has for college and a possible career.”

“My child has really changed his attitude about school since
becoming involved with the Instructors and Producers of MTLC, I
know his grades are sure to follow.”

“I would do just about anything to inspire my child to follow his
dream and the MTLC program does a fantastic job of providing the
education and training toward making those dreams a reality.”

“I enrolled my [child] because they were getting bored with school,
and the Music Technology Program excited him, challenged him and
allowed him to be creative.”