Bios: Principal Instructors

Kenneth Ware, PhD.

He was a lead instructor with the School of Music, part of the cutting-edge Indiana
University-Purdue University at Indianapolis based Informatics Technology
initiatives, which put the campus at the forefront of efforts to understand the
complex field of multi-media creation.  (
Personal website)

Darrell Vann  

Darrell has more than ten years experience as a songwriter, musician, programmer
and producer.  Darrell started Vanntastic Productions, began working with
Watsounds Production, and together they have created over 300 songs.  Darrell has
a young and exciting style in his music as a writer/arranger and producer.  

In 1999, he earned a BS in Telecommunication, specializing in Telecommunications

As an expert technician and songwriter, Darrell works closely with various artists in
the LA area developing and perfecting the computer technology and music used at
Vanntastic Productions and the MT
the Music Technology Learning Center:
preparing learners, advancing     knowledge, improving education
Ware is the former director of the nationally recognized
ensemble the Indiana University Soul Revue (Bloomington)
from which several members are associated with national
recording groups.  

Ken is a leading instructor in the field of Music & Technology,
and is a key link between information technology and the
Detroit, Indianapolis and southern California communities
where he directs his own labs/studios producing music &
videos.  He has received funding from the National Endowment
for the Arts, National Science Foundation and US Department
of Education.  (
other projects)