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Former student, Khari Taylor
moved on to Berklee College of
Music, Boston.  Former student,
Darrell Vann moves on to the BIG
Creative Growth,  College Opportunities and Professional Enrichment

The Music Technology Learning Center (MTLC) was established to assist students in the
transition from self-experienced, middle and high school music programs to professional and or
higher education music related opportunities.   Many students desiring to further their interest
have few options presented to them and generally eliminate the musical option and lose the
fulfillment it provides.  Particularly, MTLC reinforces and integrates STEM/STEAM concepts.
Enrollment in the Music Technology Learning Center leads to:
Success in Society
Success in School
Success in Life
Success in Developing intelligence
MTLC Education and Professional Objectives:

1.     Use contemporary music arts, audio and music technology, and  
urban popular music interests to encourage continuing educational programs.

2.     Develop and support individual potentials using music communication and creation as
a  “tool” for self-development, self-expression and career exploration.

3.     Support and strengthen the connections with music arts and general education
utilizing resources included in the MTLC Music Technology Lab, and Electronic Music Studio,
while encouraging creative expression and experimentation.  

4.     Utilize the MTLC program to promote a positive responsive role of participants, with
their parents and community.

5.     Provide students with broad experiences and insight into the music arts,
and illustrate its interrelatedness to other corporate industries.  
the Music Technology Learning Center:
preparing learners, advancing     knowledge, improving education
Spring '16: MTLC will serve Murrieta with
sessions through Hollywood LA and the
Media,Technical & Performing Arts Academy
(Winchester, California).